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An excellent Coppy of one’s Will out of James Pencil Senior of your first Church out-of Christ when you look at the Boston

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An excellent Coppy of one’s Will out of James Pencil Senior of your first Church out-of Christ when you look at the Boston

The last have a tendency to and you can Testament regarding mr James Pen Elderly of the original Church from christ in Boston; are sicke when you look at the muscles in perefect thoughts and Insights doe hereby declaor my Have a tendency to since Folloeth:

So long as the guy pay Teenager lbs annual out from the farme back at my overseers and shortly after there dying with the Elders and you will Deacons of one’s first Chapel of Christ within the Boston successively to possess Ever by these to end up being discarded to your maintenance off such poore scholler or schollars at colledge because they will pick good, and if God should please when deciding to take out because of the dying Peen Townsend just before the guy have any Thing Legitimately begotten from their body otherwise Exit no problem then my usually is that my personal farm will likely be completely into fix away from terrible schollers because the afore sayd; and my personal dwelling domestic We give to the original chapel regarding Christ inside the Boston for ever;-

Item: We share with my cousin Hannah Townsend along with her man Peter and you can James along with her Daughter Deborah fifty pounds an excellent peice in mony: Goods, I share with the youngsters out-of Hannah Hull particularly Thomas, Mary and you can Hannah Hull, fifty lbs within the mony to bee Equally split up around him or her This type of so you can bee payed immediately after my personal wives Desease; but in circumstances my overseers discover here bee one considerable Eliminate from the people debts today owing, one then around bee a proporetionable abatement of these Legacies considering within the mony; and i would compose my Deare girlfriend my best Executrix to that it my personal tend to and i focus Elder John Wiswall and you will mr Anthony Stoddard is the overseers regarding the my have a tendency to and you can I really do let them have four weight a leisure, and after my Intering in the World Assist my Costs and funerall Exspences bee discharged; which We claim so you can bee my personal Past often revoking hereby all previous wills; During the witnesse whereof I right here unto put my personal hand and seale this: 29th Sceptember 1671, before you sign and you will securing I do subsequent give my sibling mrs Mary Small Teenager lbs from inside the mony also to Sarah Shelley Adolescent pounds when you look at the mony down dating one another so you can bee payed just after my wives decease signed shut and you can lead and you can ent about exposure out of you

Vibe off Senior Penn’s Heritage.

13 lbs out from the Rents off Coll. Townsends Ranch from the Pullen Part, due by vertue regarding Elder Pen’s Usually, unto July 6, 1720 provided into the July 18, 1720 to Hull Abbot, a member of Harvard College, Cambridge. Sept. ten, 1722. On a meeting of your Elders and Deacons to help you throw away twenty lbs owed Last Commencement of the Senior Penn’s Commonly, out of the Rents from his Ranch on Pullen Section,-agreed, one to William Sheaf367 students from the College should features four weight, Nathaniel Davis368 of Roxbury students at School shall provides five pounds, Older Abbot369 should has eight weight, and you may Elder Cotton370 two lbs.


Feb. 5, 1723/4. The new ten pounds due from the Senior Penn’s usually on the history beginning, received by the Elders and you can Deacons, equally betwixt Older Dunbar371 and you may Elderly Sheif; the newest Mention got so you’re able to Daniell Oliver Esquire, for the money with the one or two persons right here said.

a dozen, 1724. The brand new ten weight due to history commencement because of the Older Penn’s tend to, obtained of the Parents and you will Deacons six weight in order to Elderly Davis372 (whoever Family live within Roxberry) five lbs so you can Webb373 senior Sophister, whose Members of the family alive during the Braintree.

Dec. 27, 1725. Brand new 10 pounds due the final Beginning because of the Older Penn’s Often, was ordered of the Pastor and Deacons, is paid off, Five lbs to help you Mr Webb’s Boy, and Four weight to Madam Cotton’s Son374 Scholars.

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